Spot Price (2016)

24ct gold, 940 460mm

30upstairs, Wellington, New Zealand

Jhana Millers Spot Price

Shine (2016)

Container at the The Performance Arcade, Wellington Waterfront

Shine was a participatory and interactive project that asked members of the public to translate the first verse, “Shine bright like a diamond”, of Rihanna’s song “Diamonds” into their own language. They could then choose to re-record their version of the verse. These recordings were available to listen to through several listening posts inside the container. As the collection of re-recorded verses grew they were uploaded onto 10 portable outdoor speakers and placed around Wellington Waterfront.

Special thanks to Laila O'Brien, Caitlin Devoy, Lisa Martin, Pauline Autet, Shelley Brown, Simon Pannett, Mal Brow, 30upstairs Gallery, Eve Armstrong.

This project was supported by the Wellington City Council's Public Art Fund.

You can listen to some of them here

Petra German

Elad Hebrew

Manuel Spanish

Shine Jhana Millers

The Treasure. The Pounamu. The Locket. The Rat (2016)

The See Here, Wellington, New Zealand

This project presents a collection of stories about connection through items of jewellery.

Special thanks to Sophie Laurs, Rebekah Rasmussen, Pam Brabants, Lisa Martin, Loren Taylor, Lee Prebble, Tina Cleary, Miranda Manasiadis, Simon Pannett, Laila O’Brien & Sally Thorburn.

This project was supported by the Emerging Arts Trust.

The Treasure

The Pounamu

The Locket

The Rat

Good Fortune (2015)

LED moving message signs, fortune cookie sayings

The See Here, Wellington, New Zealand

Fortune Cookie sayings:

You must play to win
A golden egg of opportunity falls in your lap this month
A way out of a financial mess is discovered as if by magic
You will achieve many things if you work hard
Don’t be afraid - believe that anything is attainable

Jhana Millers Good Fortune Jhana Millers Good Fortune

For the love of money (2013 - 2015)

QR codes, vinyl, $5 notes

New Zealand

This is an on-going, small intervention into the monetary system. I tagged 500 $5 notes with unique QR codes, then spent them back into circulation. I recorded when, where and what I spent them on and developed an interactive website that allowed finders of the notes to view this history as well as input their own information and view the value of the nots on the day cmpared to when it was spent by me.

Jhana Millers For the love of money Jhana Millers For the love of money

Display (2013)

Collaboration with Suska Mackert

Digital photographs, sandwich board (plywood, 23ct gold leaf)

Auckland, Wellington, New York, Munich

Display is a collaborative project I worked on with German jeweller Suska Mackert, who was my mentor for the Handshake 1 project. It was formed in response to the brief given to us for the final exhibition at Objectspace gallery in Auckland. The brief stated we had to use a 1m x 1m piece of plywood to display our work on, this is what we came up with.

Jhana Millers Display

All that glitters is not gold (2013-2014)

Printed billboard, fake gold leaf

Wellington, Munich

This was a time-based work that slowly degraded over a period of 8 months.

Jhana Millers All that glitters is not gold

an idea (2012-2015)

Collaboration with Renee Bevan

Paint, printed material, vinyl

Sydney, Auckland, Wellington, Munich

an idea is an ongoing project that involves the creation and exhibition of instructional ideas for artworks and jewellery both online and in the public space. It invites you, the public, to author and activate these ideas and email images or stories of the resulting work. Instructions have taken the form of paint in a parking space, vinyl on a bedroom wall, vinyl on a window, inside a jewellery cabinet, printed in a magazine.

Some of the instructions are below.

Imagine a big chunky bracelet, imagine it in your favourite colour, imagine it on your right wrist, now imagine you can never take it off, ever

Using an object as a connector, connect yourself to another, stay that way

Tonight the sun will set at 7.48pm. Set your alarm as a reminder to acknowledge the day. Know others will be doing the same

Using gold leaf, or gold paint, guild your neighbour's letter box numbers

Select a piece of jewellery that carries significance that you no longer wear or need. Carry it until encountering someone you feel may like it. Annonymously gift this to them

How to make a ring (2012)

$1 (US) bills, YouTube videos

The National, Christchurch

This project took a light-hearted look at the YouTube approach to creation, the DIY/How to method. I re-made my own 'How to' video version of an origami money ring in response to the twenty plus other videos showing you how to make one.

For the exhibition I looped my video with a selection of the other ones and provided a stack of $1 bills which people could use to make their own ring.

Valid Thru (2011)

24ct gold, email correspondence


A solid gold credit card made possible through a new credit card account of $2000 from the bank.

Jhana Millers Valid Thru

This brooch cost my my credit card (2011 - 2013)

Credit cards, bronze, jewellery desk, saw, drill, scalpel, stencil.

Wellington, Munich

This brooch cost me my credit card was an exchange-based performance project where I set up a makeshift jewellery desk at the New Zealand Jewellery Show in September 2011 and again at the International Handverk Messe in Munich in March 2013. I offered visitors to the events the chance to turn their credit card into a brooch for free on the spot. For this to happen they had to hand over a valid credit card and wait for me to cut out the words - This Brooch cost me my credit card.

Jhana Millers This Brooch cost me my credit card

Medium of Exchange (2011)

NZ Currency, Trade Me auctions

New Zealand

Medium of Exchange involved a series of 10 Trade Me auctions of circulating New Zealand currency, the five coins and the five bank notes. The auctions all ran simultaneously from Friday the 4th to Friday the 11th of November 2011. They were placed in the Art-other category, with a $1 reserve and included a description and photos of the coin or note on offer. All of the coins and notes sold, with the 10-cent coin, as predicted, making the largest return, selling for $3.

Jhana Millers Medium of Exchange